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Content writing and concept and strategic development

We are goals focused, so the written word for the website content needs to have a deliberate purpose that supports the identified goals of the website.

All written content must align with the concept and strategic development of what the business owner or entity wishes to achieve from the website.

The content must be written in a way that it resonates with the identified client and encourage engagement that supports business growth and development.

We can take away the pressure off you, the business owner writing content as we understand it may not be your strength nor do you have the time to do it.

Video and imagery

High-quality imagery, videos and virtual tours are now commonplace in websites. However, videos and virtual tours should only be inserted into the website if they serve to achieve the end goal of the website. Knowing when to introduce a video or virtual tour to your website and the professionalism needed to ensure it reflects the brand position of the business is critical 

We can advise and support you if and when it’s appropriate to include and video or virtual tour. However, high-quality imagery is a must and a non-negotiable in website development.

Marketing Collateral

Whether you are a new business or a mature business whose branding maybe slightly dated as the company has evolved to meet the rapidly changing marketplace.

We can assist with developing a new suite of branding material that gives you the professional tone and impact you require succinctly.

E Mail Marketing and Social media

We can set up the templates required to give a powerful digital e-marketing and social presence. We can support you with training, or we can do it for you, the choice is yours.

It is essential to understand that when you go down the social media pathway, it is about consistency and repetition with a call to action sprinkled in to support all the other marketing actions you have implemented to achieve your identified goals.

Marketing plan and strategy

As we transcend from the old way of promoting our business to the new digital era, it is critical that you have a targeted approach that is a fusion of old and new adverting and marketing methodologies that is focused and within budget.


Let's work together

We set goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. 
We base our decisions on the data collected not guesswortk. 
This is to ensure you get a return on your investment.
Smart Websites believe that a website must meet the vision of the business.
Aligned with all the other marketing this will be a growth driven initiative of the company