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If you build it – they will come?  Right?

Sure, eventually, but unlikely to be in huge numbers and probably in drib and drabs.

Online is not like offline.  Your competitor online might not be your competitor offline. Competitors can steal your traffic and you can steal theirs.  Your keywords can be working one day and next day unexplainably dries up.

SmartWebsites optimises each website covering the basics following the 80/20 rule.  Keyword analysis is conducted and used for on page SEO.  Page Titles are unique using the right keywords.  Images are optimised for SEO and Page Descriptions are created with call to actions (CTA).

Google Analytics is setup and configured with conversion goals.  Traffic source is easily identifiable.  You will be able to assess the success of most advertising campaigns.  If it is online Google Analytics will tell us how many people filled out your website contact form from a Google Ad.

Research has shown that just about everyone checks out product and services online.  The most likely place a prospective customer or client will check is your website.  Google still dominates with nearly 95% of searches being conducted through the Google Search Engine.

Regardless of what industry your business operates in, SEO needs to form part of your online marketing strategy.

SmartWebsites focuses on your goals.  Generating more website traffic is often not the real goal; a conversion to sales or making contact with your company is the real goal for most businesses.

Whatever you invest in – you need to see a return.  Don’t get caught focusing on the numbers of visitors to your website; set a goal for what you need your website.  What you need your website to do should align with your business goals.

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We set goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. 
We base our decisions on the data collected not guesswortk. 
This is to ensure you get a return on your investment.
Smart Websites believe that a website must meet the vision of the business.
Aligned with all the other marketing this will be a growth driven initiative of the company